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Eventually, we all arrive here.

This week marks two years of my organizational work life and I am so freaking proud of myself and my brother. Not in an exciting way, more on what we could do for what matters most to us. We’ve come a long way.

A little push from my fans at the last bench

Admittedly, I unlearned and discovered more than…

Have you ever wondered why Britain sits at the centre of the world map?

Dinosaurs may not have even existed, the fossils and bones are all assembled and formed based on theoretical calculations and assumptions. Jurassic Park? More like Avatar! …

I’ve consistently been able to recall the dreams I am seeing for the last few weeks and it is sometimes a concern, especially when I try to make some meaning out of it. The best, or the worst part is when I share it with people who are trained in…

This country is becoming more and more uninhabitable. People who survive natural calamities still have hope to begin again, but the real disasters are up in the centre, consistently and persistently coming up with well researched schemes to disturb the peace. Ripples on stagnant water is far better than generating waves to kill everything on water and land, of course.
Source: The Indian Express

I’ve seen women who has had such an impact in my life, I’m even stuck at where I met them last. Of course, my mom is one. But her name isn’t Tara. This one’s all about the two Taras I’ve never ever met in person and will never.

Tara Kalingarayan in Oh Kaadhal Kanmani

All of each of our Views, Likes and Engagements are, as we know, decisive factors to a number of stakeholders, including RnD. It is safe to say, we are in a way the Base and Superstructure in the world of Data. …

This triggered in me while I heard my super boss elaborate on a new training program for all the employees, and she wanted a professional trainer with expertise in only the skill they need to be trained for. …

She had shows at different venues, mostly around the same time. The local audience couldn’t care lesser than their neighbourly conversations. But we were prepared and early to the show. How do you feel when you’re watching a belly dance performance with the craziest boon companions. We were as excited as, we were.

Her costume was so good she spread her charm and easily seduced the audience who paid attention, gender irrespective. All eyes on the layers of colours shimmered with the rippling movements of her Bedlah style skirt and hip belt.

We just couldn’t get enough of it. We’d do what we had to do and realized they wouldn’t reveal her name. However, we managed to get her stage name instead as a reward to our religious zeal. The name is Sun Set. We’re also going for her Sister’s performance early in the morning.

You’ve failed.

‘Tis high time you realise, because it didn’t work. If you consider a 20 something year old living in a Southern City in India, and expect them to read Hindi, it’ll look like this:

(Of course in English alphabets) Source: wikiHow

We all know Amul had been and is still running the most successful advertising campaign India…

Either you’ve had a similar experience, or you’re curious to know what’s happening at my end, or worst case, you just got triggered by the Ex.

To be safe, and to have no hard feelings while you read this, I’d like to add a disclaimer: This is a work of…

Nirmal Thomas

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